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Architect Rushikesh H. (ARH) is a Mumbai based architectural practice established in the year 2001. From a very modest beginning at the start of the millennium, the firm has grown leaps and bounds, operating today internationally and providing a wide spectrum of services. The firm adopts a multi-disciplinary and participatory approach involving a host of professionals and stakeholders in the design process. Its work processes are founded on a strong corporate culture that relies on collaboration. At ARH, an inspiring culture of dialogue, a wide variety of disciplines, expertise and experience become a catalytic force in generating unrivalled design endeavors.

“Realize the limitations, concentrate on the possibilities” – Ar. Rushikesh H.
Today the firm combines the capacity of a large firm with the intensity of a small office. While every project is conceived from the initial ideas of Ar. Rushikesh, they are then handed over to the two studios lead by 4 Senior Associates, according to their niche strengths. With a team strength of  qualified technical members including architects, interior designers, draughtsman, 3D visualizers, student interns and support staff, the studios are well equipped to successfully deliver designs for jobs of any size, nature or complexity. Driven by commitment, enthusiasm, perfection and a passion for every single detail, each project is tackled to meet the client aspiration, site demands, budgetary and time constraints to create a building that will be an iconic addition to the urban landscape.
Being in the forefront of innovation and pioneering designs across India, the firm has to its credit the design of IT Parks, SEZs, Mixed-use Townships, Residential Towers, Shopping Malls, Entertainment Centers, Hotels, and Industrial Parks amongst others.
The firm offers a holistic experience by providing architectural design services - from concept design stage to construction supervision and collaborating with the clients and different stakeholders to create empowering designs linking people and spaces.

The firm is recognized for its illustrious shapes and structures that meet international standards of architectural design while abiding by green design concepts. The architects are well versed with the latest trends and ensure that the structures epitomize a seamless interplay between space and human emotions. The architectural pursuit is to communicate with the society through well designed buildings on various fronts like work, leisure and entertainment. The ambience of a place plays a significant role in enhancing the end user’s productivity, creativity and attitude. ARH strives to transform the envisaged design into absolute reality using pragmatic concepts and straight forward solutions. Aware of the challenges of the future, ARH is committed to incessant learning to improve and develop processes so as to create structures that are truly timeless and iconic. 
Principal Architect: Rushikesh Hadnoorkar

Architect Rushikesh H., one of industry’s upcoming architects was born in 1971; and completed his graduation in architecture in the year 1994.

After working under the guidance of eminent architects, he came to realize the complexities of the profession and challenges of creating innovative designs. During this period, he was involved in various projects like commercial, residential, hospitality and institutional where he could express his innovative approach towards design. This tenure enhanced his sensibility towards design, execution and management.

For Ar. Rushikesh, the expression “Design Greatness” has not only been a guiding principle, but also a commitment he made to himself. His believes that a design should be the result of careful study of past and present, technical knowledge and artistic judgment of space.  His stance towards space designing is to imbibe possible dynamism in the structure with sound economics.

Ar. Rushikesh’s vision to establish a firm culminated in ARH in 2001. Over the past sixteen years, the practice has grown into a strong team of  professionals who are dedicated to design excellence, efficient delivery and has been responsible for a strikingly wide range of work, from master plans to mixed use projects, entertainment complexes, offices, IT parks, studios, residential towers, private houses and interior design projects spread across India and a few locations abroad. Mr. Sachin Tendulkar, Mr. K.V. Kamath, Mr. Kamlesh Modi and Mrs. Chanda Kochar are among the HNI clients along with many other corporates and esteemed developers.
Architects on Board
Pankaja Hadnoorkar | Director
Pankaja Hadnoorkar, has been a practicing architect for more than 17 years. She graduated with first class honors and is a gold medalist. From the day of inception of ARH in 2001, she has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of the firm. She has been involved in a wide variety of challenging architectural projects like hospitality, data centres, malls and bungalows. A play of earthy material, depth in design details and a sensibility towards scale and space planning defines the style of  Pankaja. In recent years, she has been focusing on over all growth of the firm, client management, financial activities and human resource management for the firm.
Yogesh Dalvi | Sr. Associate
Yogesh Dalvi specializes in creating standout structures combining elements of aesthetics & efficient functionality. Under his guidance, the firm has transformed many value propositions into experiences from commercial & high end residential interiors to large scale architectural projects. His work is a constant pursuit of a visionary aesthetic that encompasses all fields of design. He believes that once the trust of a client & the concept plan is resolved everything else falls in place. Despite his notable accomplishments he is driven to constantly reinvent his work. His central concerns involve a simultaneous engagement in practice and research.His interest lies in designing buildings & townships that respond to change & are easily adopted by those who use them. As a Team Leader, he articulates the vision and mission & is the driving force & inspiration behind the firm. He has his sights set on a multitude of projects to fuel the firm’s growth. 
Rohini Sawant | Sr. Associate
Rohini is an expert in master planning and building designs of townships. Residential complexes, hotels, commercial development, shopping malls are some of her fortes. Her expertise is in concept planning to execution for a wide range of projects. She manages the fusion of art and science of architecture to deliver best-in-class design with flair. The one thing she does consistently well is taking up the challenge to do things differently.She is known for her exceptional attention to details and delivering a high standard of finish and quality to every project. Her strength lies in her ability to be involved from scratch in the project: from concept and planning to the design detailing, coordinating and execution, specializing in the handling of large scale township projects.With unorthodox ideations, she generates genuine value for the firm as she goes on to work seamlessly with other team members. 
Prashant Madne | Sr. Associate
He is an expert in the construction field with a rich experience of 28 years. He is responsible in guiding a team of Architects and has all that it takes to be a successful construction professional.  His ability to deliver impeccable detailing and finish to his projects sets his quality of work and his personal involvement is his greatest strength. He is always in line with the fast changing trends in architecture and has an uncanny ability to understand clients’ need to help them strategize a strong plan of action. He has the ability to explain complex information clearly and in a very simply way to client. With out-of-the box ideation, he generates genuine value for the firm as he operates seamlessly with other senior members of the management & set on a multitude of projects to fuel the firm’s growth.
Sanjay Matey | Sr. Associate
He is the head of the Interior Department with 28 years of copious experience. Projects of several high profile clients, ranging from offices, apartments, restaurants & retail space, adorn his portfolio.
He constantly explores innovative ideas and strives to create designs that are enduring and beautifully proportioned. His ability and potential to play with material, rich experience in inventing, and judicious use of technology results in the creation of signature designs. 
Our Team
With distinctively diverse talents and capabilities of our staff ARH's multidesciplinary approach firmly positions it to overcome the challenges ahead and fulfill its vision to be leading Architect firm.
Our Office
Located in the suburbs of Mumbai city, ARH has a state-of-the-art office . Generous open space planning and floor to ceiling curtain glazing allow an uninterrupted flood of day light.